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About Us

When looking for items for our own home, we search for quality pieces that we can enjoy for a long time. We’re not interested in perpetuating a throw-away mentality. We loathe buying something that breaks down after only a few uses; too many items are designed and made to do just that! Because it was all about the bottom dollar. Because they’re only “in” for this season. Because you’re meant to buy them again, and again. And again… The never-ending barrage of cheaply made products is everywhere.

Ever gotten stuck here yourself?  It’s a frustrating place.    

We’re working to fix that. 

We aim to provide those quality finds that turn into well-loved, constantly-used, handed-down treasures. To do that, we turned to creating. And you know what? Quality is obtainable. And we sure have a good time making that happen! We absolutely love working together, brainstorming, and problem-solving, to create such pieces that we can feel good about sharing. Heirloom-quality handmade wooden toys. Wooden homeware for around the house. Modern wood wall clocks that are one-of-a-kind. They’re all beautiful, sturdy, and built to have a good, long life. Just what you need for those heirloom items that combat this idea that you always need the newest, latest, and greatest. 

Building for the long haul,

-Ryan & Janene Card (and the crew)